What grace and joy, gratitude and humility, what divine and unconditional love these beautiful creatures are sending out to the Universe as their contribution to creation. Ever since my first encounter, dolphins have touched me very deeply and inspired my spirit and my soul. You can't even begin to put into words what it is like to interact, eye to eye, with a free dolphin. You truly do feel a soul to soul connection with a very loving, evolved master. At no prior time of my life have I felt so many positive changes occurring to me and my inner self. The greatest gift is that it all becomes a part of you and wraps itself deep in your soul for a lifetime. My overwhelming gratitude for being granted these experiences and deep emotions of love, joy, lightness and energy awakened my desire and dedication to give back by starting this project.   




I would like to invite you today to join my ongoing initiative and become part of something big. Something that only can be achieved by a joint effort of harmony and peace loving individuals who are yearning to assign to the ‘re-balancing movement‘ of the Earth. Together we can do this! Using the inspiration of the sea for creating unique Jewelry, Art and Fashion is the foundation for my share to regain equilibrium of our world oceans with special emphasis on the dolphins. By purchasing one of my handmade Jewelry Articles you will not only enjoy a decorative and fashion forward accessory but will be surrounded by the aura of generosity. Every item is unique & hand crafted by me with love. You will get unique. My project supports various vetted organizations that are devoted to protect our oceans and their inhabitants ~ especially the dolphins.  So it’s a WIN~WIN situation, for YOU and the dolphins! THE SALES PROCEEDS FROM MY JEWELRY GOES COMPLETELY TO HELP THE DOLPHINS.



For the love of the oceans and our friends, the Dolphins. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! 



Annette von Bieber


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Article in Fashion Studio Magazine


by Eva Fydrych ~ February 14, 2018


How to Bring the Beach Vibe to your Home...

with DolphinArt Italy


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... also called ATLANTIS-STONE! (or Dolphin stone because of the dolphin association with Atlantis and their abilities to communicate on a higher frequency level) 

Edgar Cayce postulated that there would be a blue stone with Atlantean origin and is to be found on an island in the Caribbean. This stone should also have healing powers according to Cayce. Novelty is that 1974 was found a marine blue Pektolith in the Dominican Republic, which is now said to have healing powers in spiritual circles... read more

"To the dolphin alone, nature has given that which the best philosophers seek:

Friendship for no advantage. Though it has no need of help from any man, it is a genial friend to all and has helped mankind." Plutarch


"There is something about dolphins. It is difficult to put into words..." Mark Carwardine... see more

Touch my mind and I will think of you… Touch my heart and I will never forget you. see more

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