I had a dream… and live it today…

Since I was a child, I wanted to be close to the dolphins… they have always fascinated me… what an attraction… what magic… I wanted to be close to them all possible… I wanted to swim with them in the open ocean… with free dolphins…

Once I traveled to Bimini (Bahamas), a beautiful small island with even more charming inhabitants and their colorful and cheerful houses and colors. This trip changed my life forever. I traveled more times to Bimini… it is my home.

The first day we went out by a catamaran… “I've never snorkeled before… what should I aspect? Will I have enough courage?” – these thoughts came to me and I had no answer… But then… THERE THEY WERE… my beloved DOLPHINS… I went into the water, without doubts… full of trust and love… and they came and surrounded me… I stammered words like “fantastic, beautiful, thank you, it is a dream to be allowed by you… “And I had eye contact with a dolphin, a bottlenose dolphin… she swam directly toward me, accompanied by a baby, looking deeply into my eyes, into my soul and on the bottom of my heart… What love I felt – You can't even begin to put into words what it is like to interact, eye to eye, with a dolphin. You truly do feel a soul to soul connection with a very loving, evolved master… I felt pure true love for her and her family… UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. We were together a long time and I was lucky in this time in Bimini to be able to swim with bottlenose dolphins and spotted dolphins and later with the bottlenose dolphins around the Florida Keys. We dived, played, communicated, laughed, and shared our thoughts… there were so many beautiful and touching encounters with them, and no one I would like to miss… I was more and more attracted by dolphins... What grace, what a joy, what gratitude and humility… what a deep love… They touched me deeply and inspired my spirit and my soul. I felt so many changes in my life and myself.


The greatest gift is that it all becomes a part of you and wraps itself deep in your soul for a lifetime. When I discovered the Underwater realm I discovered parts of my being that could only be known by traveling to the depths of the Oceans. 


With all these emotions and experiences, with all this love, joy, lightness, and energy, I came to Italy, Marche, to help stranded dolphins and to protect the sea. I started this project, DolphinArt from the dolphins to the dolphins.


I followed my heart, creating ocean-inspired Jewelry, Fashion, and Accessories, made in Italy.


One day a London based Fashion company asked me to project and realize a typical Italian Art craft of an African styled bag/ purse... and here it started, to create Prototypes. This first back/purse was sold directly to New York and the next to California. Other followed... Another day I was called from Cornwall, UK. Seals, Dolphins, Whales, the Atlantic Ocean... and DolphinART Italy. I had a lovely time working and living 10 months in the UK, traveling between the UK and Italy. 

How lucky I am to have had something that made saying 'goodbye' so hard... THANKS to my friends, the British Divers! THANKS to the Designers and wonderful Team I worked with! I am deeply grateful. And of course THANKS to my little friends, the seagulls...

You remember 'where the seagulls are as big as eagles'...! I will miss you! 

Thank you UK, see you again...


I came back to live in Italy and continue in the field of creating prototypes of bags and ocean-inspired fashion and design, made in Italy.


I am passionate about sharing what I love in the hope it will connect you to your own heart to the magic of our ocean world, to the dolphins, and most of all, to the love within. All my creations are intuitively made with love and spirit, many of them one of a kind items. I manage everything here on my own, so every email or comment is responded to personally by me.


Welcome to the "Dolphin Pod", I am delighted to connect with you. I hope you are inspired by what I love, too.


Sending Oceans of Love your way.

Thinking of You.


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