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Dolphins · March 31, 2021
River dolphins in South Asia are two separate species, as analysis of skulls reveals. Following two decades of research, a landmark study has concluded that the endangered Indus and Ganges river dolphins are actually separate species. South Asian river dolphins (Platanista gangetica) are among the most endangered of the world's cetaceans.
History · June 26, 2019
The Minack Theatre perched on the cliffs high above the Atlantic ocean. A breathtaking sight revealed itself to me. It is difficult to put this into words, the most wonderful place I can imagine for Shakespeare plays. Pure magic, I felt at home for a moment ... happy and grateful and I remembered my time as an occasional actress, starting with Romeo and Juliet when I was 13. Crime episodes, funny productions, various commercials, a pilot... Now I protect and help stranded dolphins, whales...