Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair and around your arm. Beautiful BOHEMIAN FLOWER bracelet for WILD FLOWERS with a Turquoise/Blue Mother of Pearl Flower, 1 Lapis Lazuli bead, Sodalite- and Rock crystal chips, 2 breathtaking Amber beads, a Bohemian Butterfly in metal and snap hook.

Mother of Pearl is for intuition and against stress.

Lapis Lazuli is for intuition, decisions, against melancholy, groceries, guilt feeling and fear.

Sodium feldspar/Sodalite helps for self-confidence, against nerviness, grief and manipulation.

Amber works for the eyes, decisions, self-healing, respiratory system, against evil eye and fear.

Rock crystal is for the eyes, meditation, against earth radiation, monitor screen and water veins.


These gemstones are most powerful for the zodiac sign LEO.

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