From Shakespeare to wild dolphins

...The Minack Theatre perched on the cliffs high above the Atlantic ocean. A breathtaking sight revealed itself to me. It is difficult to put this into words. It was also one of the sunniest days of all here, a bright blue sky, turquoise ocean and the most wonderful place I can imagine for Shakespeare plays. Pure magic, I felt at home for a moment ... 

I felt deeply happy and grateful and remembered my time as an occasional "actress". Romeo and Juliet, I was 13 and played Julia in our theater group. At that time, I wanted to become an actress, but I needed patience ... and everything turned out differently. In a roundabout way, I came back for some fashion shows and  small roles on television followed. In a crime episode I had to "die" in front of the camera, with agony, in a poisoning, the worse was to lay quiet afterwards, not to breathe, not to wink ... not easy at all... believe me ;) The make-up artist did a great job, I was deathly pale and my veins were perfect to see ...

I played a funny episode with Christian Tramitz and various commercials.

One day, I was called to a casting for a pilot as one of the main characters. We were only 2 in the final round. My colleague made the race and I really was happy for her, she was the right choice. This crime series is still on TV today.

All this is a few years back and came back here to my mind ...

After leaving the country, to protect and help stranded dolphins, whales and seals, working with different assoziations, I dedicated myself completely to nature and animals, the oceans and their inhabitants, as well as DolphinArt Italy… but I'm sure I will come back more often to The Minack Theater, as long as I'm here in UK, to see some plays, under the open sky and the sound of the sea…

I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference... Robert Frost




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