„Catch your dreams in a net of love and let them find the way in the universe…”


© By Annette – DolphinArt Italy


“8 Hz ~ 6 Hz you are speaking to me…

The Rainbow - era starts now

An ocean full of theurgy

You will awake in this new world

Waves of Dolphin-Love are touching me…

My heart, my soul, my life…

Our heartbeat in the same rhythm

Dolphins and Mermaids in Love alive…”    

© By Annette – DolphinArt Italy 





"Reach out… and touch the waves of love..."


© By Annette – DolphinArt Italy




Thanks for this wonderful image by my friend Gisela Weldon!


“In the gentle seas the dolphin lives in perfect harmony 

while man live a life of greed and jealousy. 

If only we could see 

the way a dolphin lives to be. 

Humans could learn from the dolphins and live in perfect Harmony."


Each moment we feel deeper and more intense the energies of a great shift.

Be gentle for yourself. 

Breathe and invite Dolphins into your heart.

Dolphins – our guides and divine protectors. 

They always balance our mind and soul.

 Be Love * Be Joy * Be Free

“Your eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.

 Your lips are a book my soul has written…”


“Bimini, my love…

Bimini, my inspiration

Bimini, my way of life

Bimini, my love forever

Bimini, my heart through the eyes”.


 © By Annette – DolphinArt Italy



“The dolphin spirit around the island              

The dolphin spirit looked at me

The dolphin spirit came out of the ocean

The dolphin spirit came right to me…”


 © By Annette – DolphinArt Italy

“Bimini, the BEAUTY of life…

I want to show you this island 

I want you can feel that theurgy 

I want to swim with you and the dolphins 

I want to connect you with the Spirit of Bimini”.    

© By Annette – DolphinArt Italy






All together is BIMINI

Connected with DOLPHIN'S ENERGY."    


© By Annette – DolphinArt Italy

The Dream of the Dolphin…


In every color there’s the light. In every stone sleeps a crystal.

Remember the shaman when he used to say:


“Man is the dream of the dolphin”