The major focus that I have as an ocean and rain forest conservation artist is to create incredibly beautiful and affordable paintings for art collectors around the world. My original paintings and fine art reproductions are available through my website or by contacting me personally. You will find my contact information on my website:

I am also blessed professionally through the licensing of my tropical images to manufacturers within the United States. My images are used on many home decor items and are now seen and enjoyed by many people around the world. All of my paintings are copyrighted and licensed products with my conservation images continue to grow yearly. As a fine artist, I also exhibit my original paintings within local galleries and occasionally, within juried gallery competitions in the United States.


As a conservation painter, my greatest goal is to capture the attention of people everywhere of the plight of endangered species and their threatened environments. Within these paintings, I passionately express through my use of brilliant colors, how beautiful our Earth truly is. By using an eye catching vibrant palette, I share this conservation message with all those who view my work. It has been said that human beings will love and will protect WHO and WHAT they know…

“KNOWING” can also be a visual connection to something. The thousands of brushstrokes and colorful images within my paintings speak as my own visual language! My greatest prayer is that these paintings will convey my personal love for these incredible living things and that they will be inspirational to others to wish to save them…… without the use of words…… and in any language.

Thank you, dear Gloria!

Dolphin House proprietor, founder and builder


recipient of the 2000 Cacique Awards.      



Ashley Saunders is a Bimini born, internationally known author. He is the president of the Bimini Historical Society and vice president of the Bimini Museum

ASHLEY B. SAUNDERS Carved in Stone, Bahamian Visionary Artist, Writer, Poet, Ashley B. Saunders Engraved in the Wall of Granite.

                                                          Photo: Ashley Saunders THE WALL FOR THE AGES 






Bimini’s most unique and artistic structure.


                                                                                  Thank you, dear Ashley!



I wanted to be a marine biologist as a child, though things didn't work out for that. I still love anything about water and marine life. I am a constant student of biodiversity and ecology. I have a fascination with astronomy which lead to the writing of a book, 3470 C.E.  I am  currently editing a new book, which I hope will be published soon. I am an artist and author. I have three grown children and my husband and I live with our two dogs. We raise chickens and a large garden.

3470 C.E. is about a family farm on another planet, in a solar system 27.3 light years from Earth. The family, and friends who came with them to the planet, Hypatia, learn to accommodate the planet's natural events, and to get along with other species, while using sustainable biodynamic farming practices.


The story is told through the eyes of Athena, one of the first people born on Hypatia. Athena's first meeting with someone from off Hypatia, is with an Intergalactic Policeman, who is baffling to her at first, though he later runs out to be her 'one.' And then, all of the young people go to school at the Intergalactic Education Center. Events there cause the residents of Hypatia to have to learn to defend their planet, and the young people while they're away at school, from hostile species.

3470 C.E. is available at  also at as a paperback or kindle version. On   also as paperback or nook version. It is also available at all online booksellers and in all e-book formats. I have copies in my etsy shop that come with a handmade bead bookmark. I also make jewelry.

I have a blog at, which I hope you will visit.

 Banner by Jess Harel                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thank you, dear Jeanice!



Islamorada’s famous beach and fishing destination, Chesapeake Beach Resort, rests on 6.5 acres of oceanfront sands and gardens halfway between Miami and Key West, in the Florida Keys. Our property is now exquisitely remodeled to deliver state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious accommodations to our guests. We are proud to offer 37” HDTV, Stereo radio/CD/alarm with MP3 docking capabilities and wireless internet connection, along with new carpeting, furniture and remodeled bathrooms and kitchens including granite countertops and vanities; all to make your stay more enjoyable and relaxing.

Known for our spacious guest rooms and villas, as well as exceptional dining and entertainment adjacent to the resort, it is no wonder we have been a favorite fishing and family resort for 50 years. So come and relax in one of our two heated pools, enjoy our water sports, outdoor exercise equipment shaded by a Tiki Hut, tennis, and shuffleboard court or hit the water in your own boat or take a fishing charter to some of the best fishing areas in the entire world.                        


Contact:                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thank you, dear Ilona!



The music for your Zodiac Sign by JESSE CUTLER


The Astral Connection…

The history of astrology goes back thousands of years to ancient times when people began observing the stars and the planets for two reasons: To record time and to set a course of travel. Astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for human meaning in the sky.

Today everyone is looking for a pathway of self-discovery for personal improvement. Empowerment, enhancement and evolution are words spinning through our consciousness. To find the "right person" you must become the "right person". Knowledge is power! Astrology is one such doorway to an infinite universe of knowledge. The signs of the Zodiac are always arranged in the same order. They begin with Aries, representing the advent of the astrological year at the spring Equinox on March 21st, and followed in turn by the sun signs Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Discover more about yourself through music and astrology…


Jesse Cutler's original music, virtuoso guitar playing and unique piano arrangements are featured in "MUSIC OF THE STARS", a collection of 12 CD's interpreting the 12 Sun-Signs of the Zodiac. Each CD in the collection contains an informative astrological personality guide to compliment the original music soundtrack while listening.

Jesse, born in New York City, turned professional at the tender age of 13. As the leader of his own band, called "The Young Executives" signed to Mercury Records, Jesse performed for show biz giants like the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Sammy Davis Jr., Barbra Streisand, Joan Collins, Anthony Newley and even Andy Warhol.

By age 20, Jesse was invited by famed Academy Award winner and composer, Stephen Schwartz (Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame) to join the original cast of the Grammy Award winning play "GODSPELL" as guitarist and co-arranger along with Paul Shaffer (The David Letterman Show). After the show gained enormous international acclaim, Jesse Cutler was signed to Brut Records, a division of Faberge Cosmetics as their premier recording artist followed by singer Michael Franks and comedian Robert Klein.

By the mid-70’s he signed with United Artist Records. The United Artist L.P., simply called "JESSE CUTLER" was produced by Academy Award winner, Joe Renzetti (Best Soundtrack - The Buddy Holly Story) to critical acclaim. The album featured top L.A. session men like Lee Ritenour, Jay Grayden, Ed Greene, Kai Winding, and Michael Jackson's horn section "Supreme" from the successful "Thriller" album.

He then created, produced and launched the first national music aerobics program, entitled "DISCO DIET", Pre-Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda.

Jesse has launched magazines, a T.V. show and now has come 360 degrees back to his original passion... Music!

Jesse Cutler has truly arrived, blending his lifelong affair with music and the power of Astrology.

MUSIC OF THE STARS® was created to assist you in finding that special something that everyone longs to discover... your true self. Listen to the enchanting, cinematic melodies of Jesse Cutler and let the music be your guide.  The album entitled "The Zodiac" was produced to give you a sample of musical flavors from each of the 12 sun-sign CD's.

Reach for the stars…                                                                                                                                                                                   Thank you, dear Jesse!  


"Die Welt ist schön”

 Begleitende Briefe durch das Jahr von CORNELIA CORNELS-SELKE 

316 Seiten, 144 farbige Seiten mit Fotografien

Format : 225 mm x 175 mm, Hardcover, Fächerbindung, 850g

Ladenpreis: 33,-€ – inkl. 10% Spende an die Delfinbotschaft gUG

ISBN 978-3-00-044257-5


Zum Inhalt: Dieses Buch ist eine Sammlung von Briefen.

Wir – oder sind es nur wir Deutschen? – vergessen leicht einmal unsere glücklichen Momente und empfinden das Leben dann als schwere Bürde. So können wir immer wieder Strohhalme gebrauchen, mit denen wir es schaffen, uns erneut hochzuranken.

Diese Sammlung ist dazu gedacht, den Leser/die Leserin tatsächlich mit Briefen durch das Jahr zu begleiten, um zu erinnern und zu bekräftigen: Die Welt ist schön!

Zur Autorin: Cornelia Cornels-Selke hält seit 1987 ihre Vorträge über Glück und Gesundheit, seit 1991 schreibt sie Rundbriefe an Interessierte, Schüler und Patienten. Außerdem gibt es drei Blogs, an denen sie regelmäßig arbeitet. Aus all diesem ist die Sammlung entstanden.

Dieses Buch macht Mut! Wir begleiten und wir werden begleitet. Von einer Freundin, die uns mit Tipps, Anregungen und Ideen unterstützt und immer wieder in den Kern der Dinge und des Lebens führt: Zur wahren Freude.                                                                                                                                                                            Vielen Dank, liebe Cornelia!



ILONA SELKE is an international author, seminar leader, lecturer and musician. She has inspired thousands of people to co-create reality, to discover the power of a spiritual mind, in a practical way and to live and manifest their dreams.

I live, breath and teach awakening the soul awareness and quantum shifting reality for the purpose of individual and collective evolution.

Have you been called by the dolphins?

To swim with Dolphins has been one of the most heavenly experiences in my life. It was like coming home and finding my real family….. To have made contact with such high beings has touched my heart incredibly deeply. Even more so, dolphins continue to accompany me now in my inner life…..

You make your dreams come true….. by setting your heart on a vision and feeling it to be true, as if it has already happened and you are there…..

The first book, Wisdom of the Dolphins tells about dolphins, telepathy and the power to co-create our life. This book has been published in four languages and is currently in its fifth printing in Germany. The amazing transformations that are described therein, which we teach in the Holographic Imaging Seminars, are based on the methods of ‘Holodynamics’ developed by Dr. Vernon Woolf and Dr. Rod Newton’s work as found in the course ‘Living From Vision®.’ Information on the amazingly effective Living From Vision® course is available at: and in this site it’s available in German:


My second book Alin Learns to use his Imagination teaches methods of problem solving skills, utilizing the holographic mind. Designed as a children’s book it is for the young at heart. The book gives detailed step by step descriptions of how to transform negative energies, feelings and blockages.

My third book “Dolphins, Love & Destiny” dolphins Love and Destiny with a subtile of Yoga of the Soul is about Soul and its evolution. It explains how we gain mastery over fate, take a hold of our destiny and guides us into amazing soulmate relationships. Woven throughout this book again are many stories of dolphins and their amazing power to heal.


Schicksal, Liebe & die Freiheit der Seele

In einer abenteuerlichen Reise des Herzens führt uns Ilona Selke rund um die Welt zu Themen wie Delphine, Schicksal, Liebe und die Freiheit der Seele. Sie begleitet uns zu tieferen Erkenntnissen in die Geheimnisse des Universums.

-Wie frei sind wir? 

-Haben wir mehr als einen Seelenpartner?

-Wie viel können wir unsere Welt selbst gestalten?

-Wie können wir unsere Seele wahrnehmen?   

-Was lehren uns Delphine dazu?

-Und was benötigen wir um Wunder in unserem täglichen Leben zu erzeugen?

Ilona behandelt Themen auf eine immens ehrliche Weise, die viele im Herzen tragen, jedoch selten offen aussprechen. Ein spannendes, abenteuerliches und weises Buch mit Erlebnissen, die wir alle zu meistern suchen. Wir alle können lernen, den Sitz unserer Seele zu finden und mit einer größeren Kraft unsere Visionen verwirklichen.

Interview with Ilona Selke by Karuna Magazin in India

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Thank you, dear Ilona and Ron!

DolphinAngel Symbols by CLAUDIA VERMEULEN


                                                                                                                           Thank you, dear  Claudia!

Love is the Color of a Rainbow by KATHY PARRA

is an outpouring and culmination of many years spent in the garden communing with nature, although this innate yearning to be in nature was evident, my parents encouraged and invited me to be so, from making mud pies that my mother would allow me to bring in and pretend to cook in the oven, to the singing and dancing with fairies my mom so enjoyed, my father would say go ahead take those table scrapes out to the garden, planting various things under the old Ms. Mulberry tree as I liked to call her. This love of nature continued and continues on in my life as I have shared with my children, three girls, from when they were small having their own garden and still today, from leading one of Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots programs for 5 years, to sharing nature workshop programs with children, walking and talking with many a tree and flower. Thus it seems only natural and innate to write a story relating to nature in and of this way. Then the question came to be why I chose Willow to be visually impaired? This too a true invocation of my life, the story goes.

When I was in sixth grade the teacher asked if anyone wanted to assist with the special needs students, I raised my hand and said, “Pick me!” I was paired up with many children but one in particular who we will call Willow, Willow explained to me that she had been blind since birth, each day I went in there to assist her with her Braille reading, which I might add she so wanted me to learn, but I never did. She would sit flitting her tiny fingers over the bumps in the thin translucent paper at rapid speed and I would pencil scratch my stories just at furiously, one day she asked me “what are you writing?” I told her I like to write stories about nature, she asked me to read them to her, she would delight in my story making and I would delight in her listening, we spent many a lunch hour eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as I read my nature stories.

One day out of the blue Willow took out her pear from her lunch bag, and said “I wish I knew what my pear looked like” “Kathy” she asked “what does a pear look like?” I started with well it’s green on the outside; she said, “what does green look like?” I knew then and there I was to take her in nature to share what the pear looked like, so I took her under a beautiful mulberry tree on the schoolyard as she stood under the tree I took her hand and let her feel the green leaves I said these are leaves and they are green and it is the same color as the outside of the pear, she said oh it is smooth-warm, then I ran her hand over the branch to which would be the sense of the stem of the pear, I said this is the stem and it is a brownish green, oh she said this too feels smooth yet strong, yes-yes! I was excited that she was associating the feel-sense of what I was sharing in a feeling sense, putting feelings to the colors, then I took her to the sand box and ran her fingers through the sand, I said the inside of the pear, it a soft white color yet as you bite into the pear there is just a bit of grit, she ran her fingers through the sand, then taking a bite of pear, she said oh it feels like life, like it has energy, when I feel the sand and then bite the pear I feel life-energy! Needless to say Willow quickly began to associate most everything in her daily life with a feeling for a color, she even made up her own colors! Willow often told me I was like a lot of colors put together, saying that all those colors were love. In that short amount of time that we spent together I was grateful for her friendship and she for mine, I think we both knew it was transient and as they say a reason- season or a lifetime.

I am honored and gifted by the presence of this girl who touched my heart and soul so deeply to then share our story today. I have often said that the eyes see, but with the eyes closed the whole world is love, and children so deeply know this vision.

Love is the Color of a Rainbow, a unique children’s nature book written by author Kathy Parra.


Willow, a little girl who has been blind since birth hears pit-pats of the first summer rain, she quickly encourages her Mama to go outside, Mama shares all the colors of a rainbow with Willow through nature, there Willow experiences that “Love is the Color of a Rainbow.”

“Love is the Color of a Rainbow” with it’s gentle pastel chalk illustrations invites children to experience nature through their senses-discovering what colors of the rainbow they might choose. It also fosters a parent/child interaction as they share a nature walk; in so doing empowering children through their senses in nature is a wonderful way for children to understand their relationship with nature as interconnectedness, that with nature we are one. It is no secret that children who engage in nature experience less stress, better concentration, increased creativity and higher self esteem. So come join Willow and Mama on a nature walk through all the colors of a rainbow in “Love is the Color of a Rainbow”.

Rainbow is 8.5 X 11 soft cover. The book is printed on 100% eco friendly paper A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of this book will support nature and environmental organizations. Customers may purchase up to six copies from my website, after this customers will want to connect with me as to how to purchase.

You can purchase Love is the Color of a Rainbow at

When we look through the eyes of a child the world becomes what it always is and has been, Love.  Kathy Parra ~                                                                                                                                 Thank you, dear Kathy!


Spiritual Healer – Dream Interpreter – Earth-Empath – Intuitive Reader – Animal Communicator – Author – Motivational Speaker

Delphina Nova is an award-winning inspirational poet, Spiritual Healer, Earth-Empath and Dreamer of Native American Abenaki/Algonquin ancestry of the Eastern Woodlands Turtle Clan.

”All of life is part of the Sacred web of creation. Turtle Island, Mother Earth is now calling for our help.” – Delphina Nova

About the Author:

Delphina Nova is a member of the Eastern Woodlands Tribe and is of Abenaki/Algonquin ancestry. Geo-empath, animal messenger, Spiritual advisor, and intuitive healer, she mentors youth and adults to follow their dreams. On October 27, 2009, while sgaying with Navajo/Dine friends in the Four Corners of the American Southwest, Delphina dreamed Turtle’s Dream.

Her intimate communication with dolphins, whales, wolves and turtles led to her first children’s book, – Turtle’s Dream - illustrated by Navajo artist Curtis Yanito and published in 2010.


Curtis Yanito, a member of the Navajo Nation has won numerous award for his pottery, sculpture and mix-media, including Judge’s Choice Award at the Edge of the Cedar State Park Museum in Utah . He is the author and illustrator of his book, what Ancient Writings Tell Us. Inspiration for his art comes from his medicine family.

“It’s the Creator who is the artist. I just appreciate what He’s created everyday. I love Nature.” – C.Y.

Excerpt from Turtle’s Dream

“We all have ancient memories to help bring harmony back to the Earth. I think Turtle’s plan is a good one,” said Eagle. The animals knew what to do now. They would find a way to help by communicating with the People. There was still time.

The next time an animal appears in your Dream or waking life, observe its actions and listen. What Message is it telling you?” – Turtle’s Dream


Press- ISBN 978-0-9845751-9-0

Her novels, Heart of Gold and When You Swim With Dolphins – You Swim With Me are available on her Website

She has been interviewed in Gail Kushner’s newly published book, My Psychic Search on the inner life of healers and psychics exploring 2012 predictions.


Heart of Gold

“Love is the most powerful force in the world. It can make a grown man cry – make someone face their biggest fear. Love does move mountains. It is not a gamble we play in casinos. In the end, Only Love remains.”

Delphina Nova


At the base of the Colorado River in Utah, modern day archaeologists find the remains of a sealed mummy. When sharp-witted Dolores Ginsberg, a vivacious undercover psychic detective is hired to inspect the site, fate leads her to Peter Gonzales, a Native American molecular scientist. A larger mystery unravels in the land of the ancient Anasazi, not only determined to shake hearts but Earth itself. Lyrical, fast paced, Heart of Gold grabs your heart and keeps you turning pages.


“It had been seen in the stars. Dolores gasped when she saw the images fly by. Something had happened long ago to turn the Earth on its axis. An event so huge, beyond human comprehension. No one was ever really prepared for it. When her trembling and shaking stopped, Dolores placed the pot to her lips, gently set it back in the clay wall covering it into the belly of Mother Earth. “They came for gold, but could not see, she told herself…”                                         

Thank you, dear Delphina.       

Thank you, dear Claudia and dear Thomas!


is focused on the dual goals of scientific research and education: we take results from research projects and disseminate them into educational programs for students of all ages. DCP has a team of researchers (graduated professionals, graduate students, undergraduate interns and volunteers) who work together to examine how dolphins communicate in order to shed more light on the meaning of the interactions between individuals and groups. With access to a data archive collected since 1991, questions focus on communication among Atlantic spotted dolphins in The Bahamas, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Japan, and common bottlenose dolphins in human care in Honduras and The Bahamas. In addition to studies of communication and behavior, DCP research associates also investigate comparisons between species, geographies, and habitats, as well as their own research topics. We are dedicated to continuing the long-term, longitudinal observations of dolphins in our four study locations.

The Dolphin Communication Project is organized to further the following goals: To increase knowledge of communication behaviors between and among all dolphin species. To promote awareness of marine mammal conservation.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Thank you, dear Kel!


was born in Lille, France on February 2nd 1961.

Every summer the family would spend a month in Brittany, across from the coastal fishing town of Roscoff, on the Island of Batz, and given the fact that Brittany is full of “old stones” they appear from time to time in Beau’s work.

He had his first studio in Paris in 1973, as his passion for the arts overtook his bedroom.

As he grew up, Beau always spent time in art classes and reading every art books (his parents owned more than 3000 books then) he could get his hands on. He had a fascination for construction, looking at the guts of buildings, foundations, digs, holes in the ground.

In 1978, Beau left France for a year, and moved to the United States as an exchange student. He was a senior at Carson City Crystal High in Michigan. This experience had a profound impact on Beau, as he discovered some of the rather spectacular sceneries from Upper Michigan all the way down to New Orleans, and some of the pieces he created while he was there were exhibited in the Michigan capital and given awards in 1978 (He found himself a new passion in pottery).

When he returned to France, the following year in 1979, after graduation, Beau started an Art major Baccalaureate.

Many great talents have had some influence on Beau’s work such as Da Vinci, Piranesi, Dali, Escher, Mohlitz, Giger, Hugo, Adams, Moebius, Bilal, Druillet, Caza, Schuiten, Hermann, Meier, Gehry, Le Corbusier, Soleri, Khalili, etc… as well as anything that has to do with European and Japanese culture of the feudal era.


In 1984, he held his first one-man show in Ile de Batz.

Shortly after, Beau moved back to Paris in his studio, but started studying engineering, until 1987 as he was struggling financially with his work…

However, Beau always wanted to come back to the United States, and in 1987, he got an opportunity to go to California, where he established a studio, in Santa Monica.

Then in 1990, Beau felt that he had to go near New York City, so he went to Montvale, NJ, where he made his home with his wife and two children.

In 1997, Beau got his wish yet again, and moved back to California, where he’s been working in his studio since 2001.                                                                                                                                                                                    Thank you, dear Christopher!

“We Protect What We Love”  Michael Worden



Thank you, dear Michael!


                                                The Human-Dolphin Connection


                                                          ONE WORLD ~ ONE POD





                                                Thank you, dear Amlas and Atmo!



                                            Your Guide to Dolphin Swims and Conscious Travel in Bimini, Bahamas.






                                                                                             Thank you, dear Tracey!

The CD "Happy Dolphins in the Wild" by Mayra

It’s been 17 years now since I swim with free dolphins in the wild on a regular basis and therefore had the extraordinary privilege of having spent hundreds of hours with these incredible, wonderful and loving beings. Also needless to say: I have experienced quite some amazing and extraordinary things with them. I also communicate with the dolphins on the inner planes on occasions and have experienced that it is truly possible to do so and I do not say this lightly. I have put our conversations to the test and, even to my own surprise, was astonished by the accuracy of the information that I was given. So here is the story about how this CD came into being.

In a deep meditation the dolphins came to me and delivered the following message:

They asked me to please record a CD with dolphin-sounds in the open sea, meaning to record their songs exactly how they occur in nature or in the wild. They pointed out to me that most CDs on the market would only reflect the sounds of dolphins in captivity. Usually what’s done is that a short frequency is recorded, which then is looped over and over again which means that their sounds are distorted. Also in general these sounds originate from dolphins that are not really happy since dolphins in captivity live in pools that are way too small for them and are trained to perform for the amusement of people, so they are used for an entertainment-industry instead of  being able to enjoy their freedom in the open sea. Very often they need to receive antibiotics and tranquilizers on a regular basis to be able to survive in such an environment.

I was surprised myself about this message  that I received because until then I actually never thought about the subject where and how dolphin-sound-CDs were recorded. But when I received this message in my meditation it made total sense to me so I checked the CDs that I have bought myself and found to my own surprise that all of the dolphin sounds on those CDs were actually really recorded in captivity and all of them were looped. (Looping means that a short audio track is repeated over and over again)

So this CD here is very different and it also sounds very different. It probably is not what you are used to hear and please know: These dolphins are very lively and happy and you can absolutely hear that in their sounds. It actually sounds more like they are having a big party or at least a wonderful celebration of pure joy.

I was present in the water with them when the CD was recording: There were about 150-200 dolphins around us! The dolphins were absolutely exuberant that day!

Listen for yourself!

The messages of the dolphins regarding the effectiveness of this CD are the following:

The essence of their ultrasonic songs is for them to balance the two human brain hemispheres, promote healing and protect the aura, which is why the CD should also find their application in hospitals, especially while people are under surgery. The dolphins are holding space and guard the soul during a surgery and I was told that there would be a huge reduction of post-operative stress and that healing might occur much faster. (The feedback I have received by people working with the CD confirms this.)

They love to help us during all kinds of transitions, for example: birth, death or any other intense transformational processes and help us so that no traumas would occur. In addition their voices, even if the CD is played very softly and only runs in the background, it can have beneficial effects on the person listening (even not consciously.) Their sounds are designed to prevent and accelerate post-operative trauma or any other kind of stress and speed up healing. Also births can run more harmonious. According to studies in the U.S. the labor at child-birth can actually be considerably shorter when dolphin songs are played. (Dolphins also are known as midwives of the seas and really do help whale- babies to be born).

The use of this CD can be also particularly helpful in trauma-therapy or trauma-release, anxiety and panic-attacks, as well as to relief depression.

Find out for yourself whether the messages of the dolphins are true for you and please feel free to share your experiences with me.

I would specifically point out that this is purely subjective information that I received in meditation and that I do not claim any accuracy. And of course, no claim is made for a cure - please contact your physician of your choice if suffering of any of the above-described issues. This CD is merely a tool to help you to balance or restore and to hopefully bring joy, serenity and peace to everyone on this planet!

P.S.: A big part of the income of this CD is given back to the dolphins to protect their survival. The money is donated to different organizations on a regular basis.

Please donate too in case you feel called to do so and if  you love and care for dolphins, whales and the ocean! The sea – source of all life! You are needed!

Please join me in making a difference!

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WSDaniels Art

My Art education began fairly late in life. I spent about thirty years trying to teach myself to play guitar. Although my intention was to become a "Rock Star", skill and talent appear to be necessary to that end. Much to the relief of the neighbors (and I'm sure the guitar) I retired the instrument to storage several years ago. Evidence indicated, however, I must always have harbored an interest in the Graphic Arts.

In early March of 2006 at the ripe old age of 56, I attended a "How to Draw" class at the South Orange Maplewood Adult School. The class proved to be the first step of one of the more fascinating and rewarding chapters of my life. I've spent the last six plus years under the tutelage of Barbara Minch, director of the Exhibitors Co-op and, more recently, Geralyn Robinson of Geralyn's Art Studio in Maplewood, as well.

Apparently you can teach an old dog:

In June 2010 I entered my first completed painting, an Acrylic on paper I called, "What if...", in the Union County Senior Citizens Art Exhibition and won a first prize ribbon. The painting went on to win an "Honorable Mention" at The New Jersey Senior Citizens Art Show in October 2010.

In June 2012 I was, again, honored with a blue ribbon at the Union County Senior Citizens Art Exhibition for an Acrylic on canvas painting I called "The Butterfly Effect".

June 2013 brings my latest award from the Union County Senior Citizens Art Exhibition for another Acrylic on canvas painting. The painting is called "Trust" and earned an "Honorable Mention."                                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Thank you, dear Lillian and Bill!

Bill passed away in August 2016... Rest In Peace, dear friend!

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