This time I’d like to share with you the details and expression, my dear customer sent to me…


"Tears of joy came flooding down my cheeks when I opened the box and saw the dolphin tail purse that you made for me.....Annette! It is truly GORGEOUS!!!!!  I cannot believe all of the beautiful details and craftsmanship that you put into this purse my dear... the embroidery, the hand-stitched beading, the complete attention to quality.  How could I not absolutely LOVE THIS PURSE!!!!!!   I especially loved how you hand-stitched the beads into a sea-inspired shape on the front and across the closure of the purse.... your use of the turquoise trim embellishments and the sea inspired rope as a way to close the front,... all so beautiful and creative. It's exquisite, ... and lastly, how in the world did you sew all of those lovely pockets, making a place for everything!!!!.... Imagine my surprise when I saw that even the pockets are embellished inside with that gorgeous turquoise sequin trim!!!!!! The fabric used inside is "so me"... you nailed it, girl!  This is the most beautiful purse I could ever dream of, Annette.... it's perfect in every single way and I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!" 


I’d like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, my dear. Now YOU brought tears of happiness and gratitude to me, I am deeply touched… THANKS!! DOLPHINS… My mission, my passion, my love…!! This new Dolphin Purse has been running for two weeks in Virginia, USA. I really loved to project and realize it, a double Denim Dolphin Tail Purse, Mom and Baby. Made with much love and attention to details, as I create each Purse as a unique piece. Made in Italy. To see more details, please check here: https://www.dolphinart-italy.com/shop/ocean-fashion/bag-purse-denim-dolphin/#cc-m-product-14487013523



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