Purse/Bag *MESOPOTAMIA* (mésos potamós)

Mesopotamia, the area of land between the River Euphrates and the River Tigris.

Mesopotamian cities were home to specialist craft workers. These workers used a wide range of materials to create different craft and art objects…

The earliest writing began in the Sumerian cities around 3200 BC and used pictograms; simple pictures which represent objects. Gradually, these pictograms were simplified into a form of writing which used wedge-shapes, the cuneiform. The first cuneiform represented the Sumerian language. Most of the writing from Mesopotamia is on small clay tablets and most of them come from the site of Uruk, in southern Mesopotamia. They began to draw marks in the clay to make up signs, which were standardized so they could be recognized by many people. The signs are grouped into boxes and, at this early date, are usually read from right to left and top to bottom.


Today I didn’t use clay but denim… Some ‘perfect imperfection’. I used as a template some components of Sumerian writings on an original Tablet, based in the British Museum.

The purse/ bag is made by me with much love and attention to detail. It is lined with an inside pocket, denim, various beads and chains and an antique and beautiful brass ornament as closure.…


This purse/ bag is unique. 


Size: 36 x 26 cm; 14,2 x 10,3 in


Chain: 53 cm; 20,9 in


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