Ocean - Ring with a beautiful Blaufluss bead 8 mm, 2 Blaufluss beads 6 mm and different beads.


“Italian monks and alchemists were composed in the 16th century and wanted to ... create a compound that directly connect the earth with God's heaven. After a coincidence of one of the monks was able to create this stone, which at high temperatures how to glitter and gold began to flow”... We now know that this stone has strong healing powers… Goldstone / Blaufluss helps to a more positive attitude to life and gives our mind the strength to accept ourselves as we are.

Goldstone/Blaufluss is a type of glittering glass made in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere. Another common name for the material is aventurine glass, based on the original Italian name avventurina (from avventura, "adventure" or "chance"). It is also sometimes called "stellaria," "sang-e sitara" or "sun sitara" (sang means 'stone' and sitara means 'star' in Persian) for its starry internal reflections, or "monk's gold" or "monkstone" from folkloric associations with this unnamed monastic order.




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