Earrings *DAISIES*

Find beauty in the small things. Daisies are perhaps the most cheerful plant on the planet. You can find them on any continent except Antarctica. In many places, daisies grow wild, bringing light and life to the scenery and are elegant for all their simplicity.


There are 23,000 individual species in this family. The name “daisy” is based on the words “day’s eye”, probably because the head opens in the morning and closes each night. The first known cultivation of daisies was about 2,200 BC. Daisies grew in the gardens surrounding the Egyptian temples at that time. Later, in England, King Henry the VII was known as the King of Daisies. In 1901, Luther Burbank developed the Shasta daisy. Since then, over 100 kinds of Shasta daisy have developed. In Native American lore, the daisy is a sun symbol, representing joy, life, positivity and truth.


Take time to do what makes your soul happy… So I did, creating this simple pair of earrings, sewing the petals, braiding the center disc and adding a sunbeam in the form of small beads. I used yellow and white synthetic leather and jewelry cord. The earrings are nickel free.


Daisies, just wild and simple. You belong among the wildflowers, my dear.


And yes, I also have a yellow hibiscus  :)

Earrings DAISIES

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