This time I’d like to share with you the details and expression, my dear customer sent to me…


"Tears of joy came flooding down my cheeks when I opened the box and saw the dolphin tail purse that you made for me.....Annette! It is truly GORGEOUS!!!!!  I cannot believe all of the beautiful details and craftsmanship that you put into this purse my dear...... the embroidery, the hand-stitched beading, the complete attention to quality.  How could I not absolutely LOVE THIS PURSE!!!!!!   I especially loved how you hand-stitched the beads into a sea-inspired shape on the front and across the closure of the purse.... your use of the turquoise trim embellishments and the sea inspired rope as a way to close the front,..... all so beautiful and creative. It's exquisite, ..... and lastly, how in the world did you sew all of those lovely pockets, making a place for everything!!!!.... Imagine my surprise when I saw that even the pockets are embellished inside with that gorgeous turquoise sequin trim!!!!!! The fabric used inside is "so me" nailed it, girl!  This is the most beautiful purse I could ever dream of,'s perfect in every single way and I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!"


I’d like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, my dear. Now YOU brought tears of happiness and gratitude to me, I am deeply touched… THANKS!! DOLPHINS… My mission, my passion, my love…!! This new Dolphin Purse has been running for two weeks in Virginia, USA. I really loved to project and realize it, a double Dolphin Tail Purse, Mom and Baby. Made with much love and attention to details, as I create each Purse as a unique piece. Made in Italy.


Size: 44 x 47 cm; 17.32 x 18.50 in; strap 101 cm; 39.76 in


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