“A flower blossoms for its own joy.” Oscar Wilde


But this beautiful Mother of Pearl flower (and closure) wants to share its joy with you. Bringing it to you with original Swarovski biconical beads 2.5 mm, Hematite beads 4mm and 4 magical sparkling beads. Rise up…


Mother of Pearl is a symbol of feminine wisdom and purity. It works for intuition and against stress.


Hematite is an grounding and protecting crystal. Many good properties are attributed to the Hematite. It helps to be fitter and more vital. It deepens our connection to earth energies and increases our feelings of courage, willpower and self-esteem. It cleanse our aura and helps us to come up with mistakes of the past and consider them as learning opportunities to improve our spiritual development. The mirror luster of Hematite helps to get no negative energy sent your way, so it comes back at the source and protects you from distracting, thus maintaining balance and harmony.

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