STEAMPUNK is an inspired movement of creativity and imagination. With a backdrop of either Victorian England or America’s Wild West at hand, modern technologies are re-imagined and realized as elaborate works of art, fashion and mechanics. If Jules Verne or H. G. Wells were writing their science fiction today, it would be considered “Steampunk”.

The term “Steampunk” originated in the late 1980s with a cheeky letter to Locus Magazine from science fiction author K. W. Jeter. Jeter was trying to find an accurate description of works by himself. Over the years, steampunk has evolved into more than just a sub-genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Steampunk now extends into fashion, engineering, music, and for some, a lifestyle… and for me now this Necklace, combined with 11 original handcrafted MURANO GLASS beads from Venice, Italy & romantic lace.

Steam-based technology connected with beautiful items traveling through space and time. BE DIFFERENT!!



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