Travelling instantaneous across the Cosmos… with this beautiful Necklace. Metal pendant and metal beads connected with Amber …the strong connection to the earth, a grounding stone for the higher energies…


Amber stone is not strictly speaking a stone at all, but is a fossilized resin of old trees. Although Baltic amber is well known, the history of amber includes many countries and cultures, not just those in the Baltic region. Archaeologists have found many beautifully carved amber pieces in graves, dating back around 2000 b.c. or before. It is a powerful healer that gives the person who wears it a lovely sense of health and healing. It helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy. It aids manifestation, eases stress by clearing phobias and fears, encourages creativity and enthusiasm. Amber embodies the power of the sun and earth in the deep, rich colors. It is a lovely warm stone to wear.


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