Necklace with a Turquoise bead 10 mm, 2 pieces Mother of Pearl 14 mm, 2 drops Mother of Pearl 6x8 mm, 12 Lava beads, Obsidian chips, Moos Agate chips, Fluorite chips, 2 ovals Snakeskin Jasper 25x10 mm, metallic beads and snap hook in silver – length 46 cm=18.11 in.

Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones of the human history - it helps for the respiratory system, eyes, happiness, meditation, travels, protection and against uncertainness.

Mother of Pearl is for intuition and against stress.

Obsidian is for decisions, intuition, memories, against darkness and debility.

Moos Agate works for protection, self-confidence, plants and against exam nerves.

Fluorite helps for decisions, concentration, meditation, mind and children.

Jasper is for dreams, creativity, against sorrows and guilt feeling.


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