Original RAGUSE from Adriatic Sea – Italy, with imitation leather tape.

Bolinus brandaris (originally called Murex brandaris by Linnaeus), and commonly known as the purple dye murex or the spiny dye-murex, is a species of medium-sized predatory sea snail, an edible marine gastropod mollusk in the family Muricidae, the murex snails or the rock snails.

This snail lives in the central and western parts of the Mediterranean Sea and has been found on isolated coral atoll beaches in the Indian Ocean and South China Sea. It was known since ancient times as a source for purple dye and also as a popular food source under various names, among which sconciglio, from which comes the word scungilli.

This species lives on rocks in shallow water.

A shell of Bolinus brandaris: this particular shell has a broken lip because it was between growth stages when it died, and the edge of the aperture is easily damaged during that time.

The shell is usually golden-brown in color with a very long siphonal canal and a rounded body whorl with a low spire. There are a row of spines corresponding to the end of each growth stage.


The adult shell size of this species is about 60 to 90 mm=2.36 to 3.54 in.


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