Beautiful bracelet for each MERMAID with an underwater mix of colors and real treasures, double-row, different leatherette tapes, a small shell pendant and snap hook.


Earrings with 2 Mother of Pearl coins 20 mm, 2 Turquoise beads 10 mm and two small beads, nickel-free.


Necklace with blue leatherette tape, 1 Mother of Pearl coin 20 mm, 1 Turquoise bead 4 mm and 1 piece of Amber.

Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones of the human history – it helps for the respiratory system, eyes, happiness, meditation, travels, protection and against uncertainness.

Pearl and Mother of Pearl are for intuition and against stress.

Sodium feldspar helps for self-confidence, against nerviness, grief and manipulation.

Amber is for the eyes, decisions, self-healing, respiratory system, against evil eye and fear.

Rock crystal is for the eyes, meditation, against earth radiation, monitor screen and water veins.

Tiger’s-eye is for concentration, respiratory system, against evil eye and for finances.

Lapis Lazuli is for intuition, decisions, against melancholy, groceries, guilt feeling and fear.


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